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Working Package 3




The activities of WP3 aim at assessing the needs of women and identify the challenges they face during their career, which may have negative consequences in their retirement. Moreover, WP3’s activities aim at recording good practices on addressing the gender pension and pay gap implemented in EU members states, promoting the implementation of similar practices to Greece and establishing a national network to address the gender pension gap.


Detecting and exploring choices and careers patterns over women’s life cycle, related to the gender pay and pension gap through primary qualitative research.

Mapping and exchange of good practices on issues related to gender gap in pensions that may be transferable to the specific needs of Greece.

Establishment of a mutual learning framework among stakeholders aiming at the development of proposals for the reduction of the pension gap between men and women, taking into account both the specific needs of women and the results of stakeholders’ consultation.


WP3 Deliverables

Focus Groups  Material

Discussion Guide, Participants lists, Signed Consent Forms.

Research Report

This is the Report on the Qualitative research (focus groups) for the investigation of women’s needs (Methodology, Findings, and Conclusions).

Good Practices Guide

A Good Practice Guide to identify goods practices and initiatives that promote women’s information and  raise  awareness  on  gender  pension  and  pay  gap,  as  well  as  interventions  that  enable women to make  life  choices that combat obstacles resulting in women’s inadequate earnings and pensions.

Workshop Material

Material of the Workshop on Good Practice Exchange developed  by  bodies  and  institutions  that  promote  women’s awareness  raising  and  aims  to  ensure  exchange  and  dissemination  of  knowledge  among stakeholders  in  the  field  of  gender  equality  and  employment. This Workshop follows the review and mapping of Good Practices of WP3 Activity 2 (Invitation, agenda, list of participants)

Report on Workshop Conclusions

Report of the conclusions of the Workshop on Good Practice Exchange.

Memorandum of Agreement

A Memorandum of Agreement will be drafted after a consultation Workshop between relevant stakeholders (National  Gender  Equality, Mechanisms  and  Bodies,  Social  Partners,  Employment  Bodies, competent Ministries, experts  in  the  field  of  employment  and  gender etc) for knowledge exchange and networking on gender pay and pension gap issues and proposals development for tackling the gender gap in pay and pension.

Workshops material

Workshops material related to the 4 workshops organised under WP3 Activity 4, given  that  the development  and  implementation  of  effective  policies on gender pay and pension gap issues requires  the  involvement  of  all stakeholders  and  the  strengthening  of  networking  and  cooperation  between  them (Invitation, agenda, list of participants).

Synthesis Report on results of WP

Synthesis  Report  on  the  results  of  WP3  will  be  developed  in  order  to  provide information, present the outcomes of all the activities of WP3, feed and contribute to the policy proposals for  tackling gender gap in pensions.