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Working Package 5





- raising awareness on pension gap within the wider community.

- informing women about the impact of different choices and life paths on their pensions.

- engaging various stakeholders in order to maximize the project’s impact.

WP5 Deliverables


A Project website will serve as a node of all information and awareness raising material concerning the project throughout its duration.

Visual design logo

To establish the project’s brand identity a visual design logo will be designed and used in all templates and deliverables

Press Releases

At least 5 press releases will be published by the GSDFPGE and the partners to disseminate outputs and activities and encourage participation in workshops and the final conference

TV Spot

A TV spot about gender pension gap will be designed and broadcasted at a national level.


4 Leaflets will be produced and disseminated in order to raise awareness and to provide useful information to women. 3 of the leaflets will be in the Greek language while the fourth one will be in Lingua Franca.


The closing conference aims at communicating the issue of pension gap in general as well as the outcomes of the project to various national stakeholders (public administration, academia, civil society).

Printed version of WP4

A Printed version of the final study on pension gap (WP4) which derives and contains information of the previous studies will be published.

Printed Synopsis

A Printed and electronic Synopsis of WP4 in lingua franca will be edited and published in order to disseminate the outcomes of the studies of WP4.